February 3, 2020

HireVibes Product & Progress Updates - Feb 2020 📈

HireVibes is a jobs platform with an inbuilt reward system that optimises the hiring process. This system makes it easier for employers to attract direct applications to their job openings and increase employee & peer referrals, which statistically, generate the highest ROI.

Using the power of the EOS blockchain, HireVibes distributes rewards to its users and community every time a position is filled. With Corporate Social Responsibility baked into the recruiting process; HireVibes also creates an amazing candidate experience and employer branding opportunity which is centred around unifying a collaborative effort to accelerate positive change.

While HireVibes is still in Alpha version, there are many exciting things happening currently. This post aims to summarise some of the key updates our team have been working diligently on.

Product Updates - New Signup types

Taking an iterative approach to our product development, we decided to focus on serving Jobseekers when we first launched HireVibes. Now that Jobseekers can apply to jobs and earn rewards for being hired, it was time to serve our other user types; Hirers and Referrers.

Now you can choose to signup as:

  • Hirers: hirers can manage the full cycle of the hiring process in an easy to use intuitive setting or with the help of the HireVibes team.
  • Referrers: Referrers can match jobs and jobseekers and earn a HVT reward when your referral is hired successfully.

Visit app.hirevibes.io/signup to signup and choose how you want to use HireVibes, and how HireVibes can serve you!

New Signup types

Navigation update

We’ve also improved how users navigate HireVibes. For example, to post a job, before Hirers needed to figure out what's useful for them via the “Admin” section. Now, everything that was within the Admin section is a primary navigation item in it’s own right.

This update also moved us away from navigation at the top of the screen, to one on the side of the screen, giving us a more app-like feel to HireVibes. As always though, we’re iterating as we learn so we’d love to hear your honest feedback. Tweet us @HireVibes or message us by clicking the green chat widget located in the bottom right corner of our website and app.

Navigation update

Website updates

We’ve updated our website to include our own native blog directly on HireVibes.io. This means all news releases, product updates, community news and other types of announcements will be available at: https://www.hirevibes.io/blog

Next up

Job categorisation, the Donation portal and new Job Types will be added to HireVibes very soon. New job types include Bounty jobs, Open source jobs, Voluntary jobs and Startup Founder opportunities that will be completely free to list and hire (no rewards need to be set for these jobs types). Project opportunities will also be postable making it easy for people to collaborate on projects and improve their skill sets. 

If you are a project or startup looking to hire contributors and bounty hunters, please get in touch at hello@hirevibes.io to have your roles listed when this release goes live.

Progress updates

Here is a quick summary update on the business side of things:

  • 23 new jobs have been posted on HireVibes since the start of 2020, which cumulatively have an estimated $80,000 worth of HVT rewards attached to them.
  • Many roles are at the interview stage (a couple of hires were made recently however they were not reported as they were cancelled early on due to unforeseen events - alas this is common in the world of recruitment but we keep pushing forward.)
  • HireVibes have partnered with a number of exciting brands recently including a global data tech company called Zeotap - Zeotap is a Customer Intelligence Platform that helps 60+ of the top 100 global brands to better understand their customers and achieve their marketing goals. With offices located in 10 major cities across the world, Zeotap are using HireVibes to find a Customer Success Manager in London. With positive results, Zeotap will release more of their 35 open roles to HireVibes, so if you know anyone who might be a fit for this role, please refer them here
  • We’ve hired a Senior Recruitment Manager to join our team and support our growing client base. This person has over 10 years of technical recruiting experience having previously led hiring programmes of a Fortune 500 Tech Company for the EMEA region.

That’s all for now, more updates will continue to flow throughout the year. Remember, 3.14% of HireVibes Token supply (10 million HVT) are being distributed daily via staking rewards to community members. To learn how to stake HVT, please visit here.

HireVibes Tokens (HVT)

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