What is HireVibes?

HireVibes is a Referrals and Employer Branding tool that enables employers to find the right people for your team, in a social and cost-effective way.

From a jobseekers perspective, HireVibes empowers people to get hired, earn more and give back to good causes.

What is the main goal of HireVibes?

Helping people find great jobs, helping companies (startup's, DAO's, non-profits etc.) build great teams and giving back to the global community using a fair incentive model.

Hiring for your team?

Contact our customer service team on hello@hirevibes.io and we’ll be in touch straight away.

Hirers can pay using fiat currencies like Euro or USD. HireVibes Services Ltd will manage converting your local currency into HVT when a hire is made at no extra cost. Hirers can also pay directly in the platform’s native token: HireVibes Tokens (HVT). Hirers that choose to pay in HVT will earn a 5% reduction.

It is free to post open positions on HireVibes, employers only pay a 6% fee (or higher if selected) when a hire is made.

How does HireVibes improve my job search?

  1. HireVibes job postings are transparent in sharing employer details so identifying a good match is easy
  2. HireVibes uses a fair incentive model for recruiters and peer referrals
  3. Users have control over their data and can choose whether to make their profile public or private

How can I get in contact with HireVibes?

Email: hello@hirevibes.io

Telegram: t.me/hirevibes_dapp

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hirevibes

What is the total HVT token supply?

The total (max) token supply is 350 million HVT (HireVibes Tokens).

The community may vote to burn HVT allocated to HireVibes DAC EOS account https://bloks.io/account/hirevibesdac until a maximum of 50% of the supply remains (125 million HVT)

How are tokens allocated?

  • 250 million HVT (71.43% of the supply) has been airdropped to the EOS community and allocated to community initiatives
  • 50 million HVT (14.29% of the supply) will be distributed to the HireVibes launch team using a vesting schedule
  • 40 million HVT (11.43% of the supply) will be allocated to the HireVibes partnership fund which will be managed by the HireVibes Foundation / HireVibes Services; the partnership fund exists to secure partners that will support and build the HireVibes ecosystem
  • 10 million HVT (2.86% of the supply) will be used to setup the HireVibes Foundation.

When did the HireVibes Token Airdrop happen?

Why do I need to do KYC?

If you successfully land a job or successfully refer somebody, you will need to do KYC to receive your HVT reward. We are required to do this in order to meet global regulatory standards. Typically when someone finds a job they are required to do KYC with their new employer anyway. We know its not fun but it’s got to be done ;)

EOS Accounts?

You don't need an EOS account to sign up and browse job openings. If you get hired or refer successfully, then you will need an EOS account. But good news, if you don’t already have an EOS account, we’ll set one up for you free of charge. We’ve developed an open source EOS key management tool that enables you to manage your keys easily and privately.

Where is the HireVibes DAC Constitution? What is the role of the HireVibes DAC?

The first version of the HireVibes DAC Constitution will be released in Q3 2019. The HireVibes DAC will be active after the Constitution and the public beta of the Dapp are released.

In brief, the HireVibes DAC will be governed collectively by its token holders to manage the resources of the community held init's EOS account https://bloks.io/account/hirevibesdac via periodic votes.

The HireVibes DAC will use tools provided by https://eosdac.io/ and Discord to manage the community, voting, communication, etc.

Staking and Unstaking HVT

The HireVibes Staking system was built to enable HireVibes early community members to claim more HVT. The HVT staking rewards have ended as of 30th June 2019. However the staking system will remain role until all HVT are unstaked.

How does the HireVibes incentive model work?

Employers are empowered to set their own reward level (Minimum 6% - Max 12%). When they hire a candidate through the HireVibes Dapp; 3.5% is shared with the person hired for the role; if a peer referred the successful candidate, this 3.5% is split evenly between the referrer and hired individual.

For every position filled through the HireVibes Dapp, 1.5% of the salary of each filled job will be allocated to HireVibes DAC EOS account and 1% donated to a charity; the successful candidate can select which humanitarian or environmental project he/she would like to support through the HireVibes Dapp.

How much does it cost to use the HireVibes platform?

Will employers be able to hide their company name on a job posting?

Yes. Some employers may not want to disclose their company name; however, we estimate over 90% of jobs posted on HireVibes Dapp will display the hirer’s details.

What are the main benefits to Hirers?

• Incentivise people to apply directly and refer candidates to your job openings

• Risk-free hiring - Post for free and only pay a reward when a hire is made

• Hire according to your budget - you set the referral reward size (min 6% - max 12%)

• Enhance your employer branding and CSR with the in-built 1% donation feature

• Utilise blockchain technology to securely distribute rewards using HireVibes Tokens

• Leverage a global community of 200,000+ HireVibes Token holders

• Free bonus: A Recruiter will facilitate your hiring process at no extra cost (limited time only)

What charities does HireVibes partner with?

For HireVibes initial launch, Humane Love https://humanelove.org is the first charity to list on HireVibes as a Donation recipient. A school for young kids will be constructed in Africa using donations made from companies who hire in HireVibes alpha release. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sgXI4Jmttg All donations will be made in HVT and be visible on the EOS blockchain to their account X. In the future, more charities and projects will list as donation recipients.

How will fraud be prevented in the Donation Portal?

To be listed as a donation recipienton HireVibes Dapp, all charities and non-profit organizations must provide an itemized list of goods and services purchased using the donation fund. Charities and non-profit organizations that do not comply will be removed from the Donation Portal. The HireVibes development team have been working on a ‘proof-of-donation’ feature to ensure this transparency. HireVibes Services LTD will take an active role in ensuring the integrity of all organisations listed on the Donation Portal.