March 20, 2020

Earn free Bitcoin + EOS on HireVibes ⚡⚡

HireVibes is a jobs app that makes hiring and job searching both easy, and rewarding. We are delighted to announce that as of today, a new utility is added to the HireVibes Token (HVT).

Users that stake 1.5m HVT (~$500) to the HireVibes network now have the option to receive their rewards from referring and getting hired in Bitcoin or in EOS.


Alice finds her dream job on HireVibes that’s paying $100,000. As Alice applied directly to the role (i.e. she wasn’t referred), she will earn a reward equivalent to 3% of the offered salary (3% of $100K = $3,000) thanks to HireVibes magical reward system.

Before today, Alice would receive her full $3,000 reward in HireVibes Tokens over 3 equal distributions; 

1) $1,000 worth of HVT rewards 30 days after start date 

2) $1,000 worth of HVT rewards 60 days after start date 

3) $1,000 worth of HVT rewards 90 days after start date.

However as of today, Alice can now choose to receive just the first $500 of her reward in HVT and if she stakes these HVT (1,500,000 HVT to be exact) via the HireVibes website, then she can receive the remainder of her reward distributions in Bitcoin or EOS - whichever she prefers!


  • Alice can choose to get the full 3% reward in BTC or EOS if she has 1.5m HVT staked 1 week before reward distributions start.
  • If Alice chooses to get her full reward in HVT, HireVibes Services will give her an extra 2.5% of the rewards value in HVT as an added incentive to choose HireVibes Tokens.
  • The 1.5m HVT stake requirement to unlock this utility may be reduced if/when the HVT price rises. The HVT stake requirement to unlock this utility will aim to match/be close to a value of $500.

Why Bitcoin and EOS?

Many referrers and job seekers to date have requested to receive a portion of their HireVibes rewards in Bitcoin and EOS, so now it’s an option for users to choose. This should lead to an increase in HireVibes awareness, user base and referral rate.

In addition to that, a number of companies in the Bitcoin space also indicated they would be more open to using HireVibes for their recruiting needs if the platform supported BTC rewards - so this may help increase the number and variety of job listings on the app.

If you are new to Bitcoin, we recommend that you check out this awesome Bitcoin for Beginners series hosted by Andreas Antonopolous.

HireVibes Token Airdrop

Here's a reminder that 3.14% of the total HireVibes Token supply is currently being airdropped for free to the HireVibes Community over a one year period. This means 30,136 HVT are being distributed daily for 365 days to users that have staked HVT and have created a HireVibes profile. To access this airdrop, please visit the HireVibes Token staking page for more info.


The HireVibes Community portal (that will be fully controlled by HireVibes Token holders) is opening very soon. People from anywhere in the world will be able to become a paid custodian of the network if elected by fellow community members. Members will also be able complete tasks and be rewarded for their work in HVT, submit proposals for funding, and vote on the use of the accumulated funds held in the HireVibes Community’s EOS account.

We welcome everyone to sign up and share this news with any of your friends who may be looking for work - freelance, bounty and volunteer job types will be added to HireVibes imminently. You can also connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram.

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