February 19, 2020

HireVibes will present at Blockchain Ireland Week 2020 ☘️

#BlockchainIrelandWeek will bring startups, developers and corporate leaders together over 7 days this May to build momentum and opportunities in the Irish blockchain space. 

Drawing comparisons to the early days of the internet in the 1990’s, Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are seen as transformational technologies that are redesigning entire industries from the ground up.

HireVibes will host an event in Dublin to showcase the early traction of our blockchain application and the opportunity it has to transform the global recruiting industry.

Ireland is home to many of the biggest tech companies in the world including Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, IBM, Intel and boasts an equally impressive talent pool. 

HireVibes is a blockchain-based social recruiting platform with an in-built tokenized reward system, which empowers companies to crowdsource high-quality talent using a simple interface.

Professionals who get hired through HireVibes earn a reward for themselves and a charity of their choice which creates positive candidate experiences. Leveraging the EOS blockchain, HireVibes users get the benefits of a user-friendly and scalable blockchain including access to a world of other applications, services and tools. Check out https://eosmap.org/ to explore more.

Irelands blockchain landscape

If you are interested in attending the HireVibes event in Dublin this May, please sign up for upcoming announcements. Details of our event will be released closer to the date.

For those curious to find opportunities in the blockchain space, we welcome you to join our platform where companies from 15+ cities are hiring and new jobs are being added weekly.

Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, Instagram, and we look forward to seeing you in May! 🚀

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