HVT Airdrop

As of Monday December 3rd 2018, the HireVibes team officially claimed HVT for all unclaimed accounts. This means EOS account holders that did not claim their HVT from the airdrop will be able to keep their HVT without having to claim. As a bonus to all accounts that did claim HVT, HireVibes will give an extra number of HVT to those accounts that did pay RAM to claim HVT prior to Dec 3rd. The exact bonus amount will be announced on the week beginning Monday Dec 3rd 2018.

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Token Distribution


Free Airdrop (250m HVT)

250 million HireVibes Tokens to be airdropped to EOS accounts with more than 1 EOS at a ratio of 1:4 (1 HVT : 4 EOS)

Launch Team Fund (50m HVT)

50 million HVT to be to be distributed to the HireVibes Launch Team under a vesting schedule.

HireVibes Foundation (50m HVT)

40 million HVT to be held for Parnership funds and managed by the HireVibes Foundation. 10 million HVT will be allocated to the HireVibes Foundation.
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