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Engage the wisdom of the crowd
Referrals are known as the best source of hire. HireVibes increases referrals and helps recruiters unearth top talent.


With HireVibes you can find the perfect job and earn rewards of up to 7.5% of your salary ($7,000+) in a new digital currency called HireVibes Tokens (HVT). You’ll also earn a donation equivalent to 1% of your salary when you accept an offer.



Earn passive income by helping your friends, and people you know in your network, find new opportunities and challenges. Browse jobs and easily share across social media platforms. Substantial referral rewards are on offer!


Hiring Managers

Find high quality talent in the most rewarding way. Create the best candidate experience by integrating rewards & CSR into your hiring process which boosts your brand, culture and chances of finding the right person for your team.


Rewards distributed to date
HireVibes is only getting started, but here's some of our current numbers:


Total rewards to date
(Worth of HVT)


For the HireVibes community
(Worth oF HVT)


Total rewards to date
(Worth of HVT)

We all know whats wrong
Companies spend billions every year ($500B+) on recruiting costs. With a new recruiting tool like HireVibes, recruiting can be easy and this figure can be reduced and used to fund environmental, educational and open source projects.

When a job is filled on HireVibes, the reward set by the hirer is redistributed as follows:

✔️ Hired Candidate (+ Referrer) — 50%
✔️ HireVibes Community — 25%
✔️ Selected Charities — 17%
✔️ HireVibes — 8%

Ruby / Javascript Developers

Earn $5,500 in HVT

Software Engineers

Earn $5,800 in HVT

Node.js Software Engineers

Earn $4,500 in HVT

Senior Product Owner

Earn $2,250 in HVT

Ready to join the HireVibes community?

HireVibes is a Web3 hiring and freelancing platform being built for the global talent community. It's powered by a native digital currency called HireVibes Tokens (HVT) which are utility tokens based on the EOS.IO blockchain. HVT is held by over 200,000 accounts and can be used to join the community, pay for hires, send peer-to-peer and stake for earning passive rewards.

Become a HireVibes community member by staking HVT today.

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Recruiting optimized

HireVibes is a low-cost recruiting tool that increases applications & referrals to vacancies.

Post jobs for free and set a reward (minimum 6% of salary). When a hire is made, we'll send an invoice, convert it to the reward and distribute it as follows:

- 50% to the successful candidate
(If referred: 25% to the candidate and 25% to the referrer)
- 25% to the HireVibes DAC account for community voting
- 17% to a partner Charity
- 8% to HireVibes Services Ltd

Earn passive income

Get paid to match talent with opportunity. Share links on social media and earn everytime someone clicks and lands a new role. Everyone has something to offer, and everyone likes passive income!

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Our rewards to people.
We're only getting started but here's some of our current numbers.


Total rewards to date
(Worth of HVT)


For the HireVibes community
(Worth oF HVT)


Total rewards to date
(Worth of HVT)

Companies love HireVibes!

“Within 4 weeks of posting the job on HireVibes, we received many applicants, interviewed 5 great people and hired one that was a perfect match for the role. Give it a go! The time we saved really benefited us and we found someone we are really happy with.”

People love HireVibes

“If you want the right people fast, HireVibes are your answer! High quality & professional service that takes all the tedious time out of trying to source the right candidates for your business. Couldn’t recommend HireVibes enough!”
Connor, Operations Director at Allwood
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Make measurable impact - Every hire creates a Free Donation!

By job hunting on HireVibes, you’ll earn a Free Donation equivalent to 1% of your pay. These rewards can be used to plant trees, protect endangered animals, support educational projects etc. HireVibes creates positive action, a sense of purpose and meaningful contribution. Create a profile today and see what opportunities await.

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Trade HVT

Trade HVT instantly with the Bancor Network. Simply set up an account, buy ETH with a debit card and convert it to HVT.

Find jobs, earn rewards, help the planet.

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